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Like Paolo, 7000 Italians and roughly 200.000 people in the world suffer from ALS, 70.000 of which suffer from Dysphagia, a symptom that makes eating impossible. These are not just figures though, these are human lives that for years have been bound by gastric tubes and constant help for everything they wish to do.

Paolo, a young chef recently diagnosed with ALS has invented what he calls “the taste of life”. In fact, he has invented a swab capable to release on contact flavours such as Tiramisu or Carbonara pasta. This incredible idea is possible thanks to the chemical synthesis of aromas used in molecular cuisine. This process is currently being tested at the Nemo centres in Milan. The goal of this project is to increase the numbers and supplies in order to create a company that will give ALS patients and their families hope again.

Other than donating a lost sensation, Paolo and his family are actively participating in the search for a cure for ALS. Paolo is in fact donating all of the profits from the sales of his swabs to associations responsible for scientific research in neurodegenerative diseases.

Paolo has a double purpose: bringing to Italy an experimental cure for 100 patients and creating an international anti-ALS pool at NEMO Center of Niguarda Hospital in Milan, to test and coordinate any therapy protocol from several countries. The total economic effort he needs is around € 700.000 and € 4.500.000.

This unique innovative Italian project with your support can be exported all over the world.

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A recipe book dedicated to those suffering from Dysphagia. The entire profits from the sales of this book will be used to fund research for ALS.

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